Specific NIC for bridged network

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I have two NIC's and I don't want eth0 to be used for the bridged network. How do I specify which one to use?


Assuming you have already setup networking, run vmware-config to change your configuration. 

Eventually you will be asked if you want to keep or change your network setup. Below is a sequence of questions and answers that selects the NIC "lan" for bridged network: 

Would you like to skip networking setup and keep your old settings as they are? (yes/no) [no]
Do you want networking for your virtual machines? (yes/no/help) [yes]
Would you prefer to modify your existing networking configuration using the
wizard or the editor? (wizard/editor/help) [help] editor
The following virtual networks have been defined:
Do you wish to make any changes to the current virtual networks settings? (yes/no) [no] yes
Which virtual network do you wish to configure? (0-99) 0
The network vmnet0 has been reserved for a bridged network.  You may change it,
but it is highly recommended that you use it as a bridged network.  Are you
sure you want to modify it? (yes/no) [no] yes
What type of virtual network do you wish to set vmnet0? (bridged,hostonly,nat,none) [bridged]
Configuring a bridged network for vmnet0.
Your computer has multiple ethernet network interfaces available: lan, vmnet1, vmnet8, eth0.
Which one do you want to bridge to vmnet0? [eth0] lan

Answer the rest of the questions, then you are done.