Nice looking fonts in GTK applications on openSUSE 11.4

Submitted by gunnar on

When I installed Open SuSE 11.4 yesterday I thought that the fonts used in GTK applications like Firefox and Thunderbird were really ugly. In my KDE settings I have specified that I want it to use my KDE fonts in GTK applications but this setting seems to have no effect. To fix this I installed gnome-control-center from the repository and changed the fonts to 8 point Liberation Sans and Liberation Mono. Now the GTK applications look just as good as the KDE ones.

Using KMail from Firefox

Submitted by gunnar on

How do I get Firefox to open mailto-links with KMail and use KMail from Tools/New Message?


For some reason this IMO important configuration setting hasn't made it into the Preferences dialog but it is available:

  1. Open the "about:config" page.
  2. Type "mailto" in the filter field.